water-rich prime property near the coast
REF: 44Type: Farms for SaleArea: Kouga district

Water-Rich Prime Property Near The Coast

Size: 665 H

Carrying capacity: 3h/LSU

Rainfall: 500mm per annum

Description: 2 title deeds:240h/425h


The property is situated in an area with extremely good underground water resources with a very high water table. There are no windmills on the property, and it is entirely resourced by water that has been excavated and gravitated to dams via canals. A single solar pump pushes water from a collection dam to different spots for animal consumption.

Although the actual quantity of water is unknown the Eastern Cape Groundwater plan supports the hydrological claims of a strong aquifer on the property.

Direct neighbours surrounding the property have measured boreholes that deliver between 60 000 l/h to 80 000l p/h and one of these boreholes is the strongest in the country.It is more or less uncapped. They do pivot propagation of vegetables and citrus.

The quality of the water is good and is suitable for any agricultural crops.

The topography is very suitable for pivot development and would be supported by the strong underground water.

The property lies mainly(approx.75%) on 2 plateaux and is intersected by the upper reaches of the Kabeljous River.

The soil is mainly composed of rich red types emanating from the Sandstone quartzite and is well suited to most types of agriculture.


The natural vegetation consists of coastal fynbos with healthy stands of a variety of Proteas. They do extremely well in this area and this property would be an ideal destination for protea propagation.

The owner has cleared vast tracks of fynbos(approx:200h) and it’s interesting to see the natural palatable grasses including Finger and Redgrass re-establishing themselves. There are currently 150 Nguni type cattle in good condition utilizing the grazing.


The farm has been divided into 10 camps. The largest being 200h with several smaller camps near the homestead.

The Kabeljous Rivier offers extra water resources for animal consumption


There are two modern homesteads with a swimming pool with enclosed garden in the yard.

A double garage joins the homestead.

The homesteads offer all modern amenities and the second double story homestead is a wonderful asset to accommodate either a manager or retiring parents.

The farm also has several outbuildings and a new shed to accommodate agricultural equipment

What this farm deal offers:

1. The property is incorporated into a company and the sale of the farm offers various benefits.
2. There will be no transfer fees or VAT
3. There is a major tax benefit accrued against the company
4. The property lies in an area with vast and rich underground water resources
5. It is suitable for citrus propagation/dairy farming or any mixed farming activity

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Agent: Linda Henderson
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