farm for sale in steytlerville

Farm for sale in Steytlerville


2596, 6 h


Approx. 40km North West of Steytlerville in the Groot Rivier valley area.


This property lies between two long mountain ridges. 20% of the property is South facing mountain range,70% valley and 10% North facing mountain.

The vegetation is a very good mixture of Karoo bushveld in a very good condition. Pruimboom, spekboom and several other species of highly palatable shrub and trees populate the valley. 

The property is game-fenced on the eastern and western boundaries, but the Southern boundary and about 1350h on the northern side is not game-fenced.

A public road runs through the accessible part of the farm in an east-west direction providing access to the farm house. Currently it is only used by the owner.

There is a large earth dam and several watering points that supply stock water to the property.

A good network of roads makes access to the land easy.

The sale includes the game on the property and the numbers are estimated as follows: approx. 40 - 50 Gemsbok; 80-100 Impala; and unknown but plentiful supply of Kudus and natural occurring small game


  • The property has a 220m² thatched lodge building with pool.
  • The main house of 360m²has 4 en-suite bedrooms
  • There are very good outbuildings comprising garage ,meat room and cold room area
  • 2 workers cottages.

The quality of the infrastructure is really excellent and in a good condition.

All the buildings are supplied with electricity from a solar system with photovoltaic panels and a 10KVa inverter system.

The sale:

The property forms part of a company(PTY LTD) and as such is offered for sale to buyers

  • who would like to buy the company (it holds certain tax benefits)
  • would like to buy equal shares to raise the capital value
  • As a land only transaction with no company obligations
  • The property can be sold as a going concern to registered VAT buyers ,with the benefit of a zero rated VAT qualification

Unique features of property:

  • There are 9 title deeds to the property making multi- ownership an attractive option
  • It is an ideal game farm with a good variety of very good palatable scrub that can support both grazers and browsers. The topography is varied and balanced and suitable for game production.
  • Property is situated in a safe area ,away from major roads
  • There are no land claims.
  • It has a sustainable supply of good underground water for animal and human consumption.
  • The infrastructure is of an extremely high standard and no investment needs to be spent on the accommodation
  • It is entirely independent of ESCOM ,having complete solar energy support.
  • The crime statistics in the area are very low and the area is deemed to be very safe.
R9,000,000 Negotiable
Agent: Linda Henderson
Phone: 087 702 5691
Cell: 083 299 1785

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