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REF: 16Type: Farms for SaleArea: Jansenville

Exceptional Game or Small stock Farm for Sale

Size: 5433h 

Portion 1: 4552, 9h (6 title deeds)

Portion 2: 880.3794h (1 title deed)

Carrying Capacity: 13LSU per/h in an area that is deemed to be 16LSU/H= 417.46 large stock units

This farm also forms part of the Noorsveld Conservancy .This is a registered conservancy where 10 adjoining property owners all adhere to the same principles of veld conservation and game management. The conservancy has 4 entry control points monitored by Agri-Securitas cameras that record all vehicle entry into the area.

The property lies in the Noorsveld area of Jansenville in the Saartjie Baartman  district and the typical dry hot summers with max temp of 35-40º and mild winters with temp seldom lower than 10-15 º prevail. The area is subject to summer rains in the range of 250-300mm per annum. The prevailing wind in the summer is the South Easter and in August the West wind.

Water supply:

There is  strong underground water near the homestead and it is possible to irrigate 5-8h of pastures permanently.

  • 13 Windmills
  • 4 submersible pumps
  • 1 solar pump and
  • 1 Lister engine 

The above supply water to the 13 “Cell systems”.

The water quality is extremely good and no traces of iron can be detected. The underground water levels are high  and windmills are on average 5-7 pipes deep (21-30m)


The boundary fences are all jackal proof and in fair condition.The owner is using a very specific grazing system that has added tremendous value to his property pushing the production capacity to 13h /LSU instead of 16h/LSUHe erected 120km of 1,2m electric fencing to divide the property into 100 camps of approx; 50-60h each thereby creating 15 interactive cell grazing groups or camp systems.

Camp systems: 

There are 15 cell centers (see the farm map) that are planned according to available grazing days and are used at different times of the year. Each cell group has 1 watering point.


The Main Homestead:


There is a four bedroom home with:

  • two full bathrooms,
  • lounge,
  • kitchen with Aga stove,
  • 2 studies,
  • swimming pool 
  • outdoor ‘boma
  • entertainment area. 

The home is in good condition and was well built several years ago.

Second Home:


This home is used as the hunter’s cottage and can sleep 12 people. It also has:

  • 2 bathrooms,
  • kitchen,
  • lounge
  • dining room.

Shearing shed:


This building has electric shears and all the facilities needed for mohair harvesting including undercover shelter for goats and kraals attached to the shed.

Lucerne shed:


This steel and corrugated structure is open on the Eastern side but can store several ton of baled lucerne. It is a fairly new structure.

Various other outdoor farm outbuildings

General Comment:

  • This is an exceptionally well developed neat farm that has proved itself as an exceptional Angora production unit and present and previous owners have achieved remarkable results with mohair from this property. Animals are well grown proving the excellence of the veld.
  • What adds tremendous value to the farm is the well developed and well managed grazing system .This is so unique to this area that the farm stands out as an example of sustainable farming. 
  • The property is in a very good working condition and mohair production can continue without interruption.
  • The buildings, including the ample number of outbuildings are neat and in a well preserved condition, which adds value to the sale.
  • The property lies in the footprint of the main mohair production area and is surrounded on 4 sides by mohair producers who all apply vermin control thereby assisting in predator control.
  • It forms part of a wide conservancy area where all the surrounding members ascribe to ethics of nature conservation, hence there is an abundance of kudus and small game.
  • This property is also extremely suitable for game


Agent: Linda Henderson
Phone: 087 702 5691
Cell: 083 299 1785

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