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Hard ware store in town with a distinctive trade monopoly.

Description of building and outside premises
The business is well situated in one of the main thoroughfares in Willowmore in a clean quiet part of town and is run from a premises that has a two bedroom residential apartment attached to it, rendering it suitable for several uses

  • Leasing it to augment an already good income (There is a tenant at the moment)

  •  Using it for residential purposes for a member of staff

  • Using it for extra warehouse space.

The property has sufficient warehouse/storage accommodation which is attached to the building and secured by good security doors. A Further large outdoor space is secured by security fencing and is utilised for extra storage.

The business deals in reliable, affordable quality hardware merchandise that is readily available if stock on the shelf needs to be replenished. Although it is not a franchise it is part of the Essential Group that has leverage with competitive retail purchasing, giving the company a very giving a very competitive edge to their pricing structure when compared to the mega stores in urban areas.

The company deals with all types of hardware including sanitary ware, wood, paint, DIY equipment, door and window frames and includes certain ranges of light fittings .It is possible to build an entire house from the equipment carried in the store .

Some brand names include: Swartland ……Eureka Tools, Stiers Equipment, Knox tools

Some of the stock is sourced from George and it is possible to replenish or order stock daily from George or elsewhere.

Considerations for buying this property:

  1.  It is a well established, well run business with a loyal clientele

  2. It has the monopoly in town

  3. It has a very lucrative turn over

  4. Stocks can be replenished daily

  5. It does not carry dead stock and the turn over ratio is very good.

  6. The rent is extremely affordable

  7. The risk is split since the building does not form part of the purchase price!

  8. The owner is willing to assist new owner with guidance on running the business

Purchase options

 The property is offered in the following way:

  • As an entire business without buildings: Stock gauranteed value at R1 mllion as well as trading equipment (Shelves/Computer system and computer etc)R1.5million The building remains the property of the seller and can be rented at R3500.00 per month. The seller is looking for a long term tenant(5-10yrs).
  • As an entire business including buildings(Shop, flat and house) The buyer purchases the business including the buildings and trading stock and equipment for R2 .5 million.
Agent: Blair Henderson
Phone: 0498330024
Cell: 0832991785

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